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Cookie Booths 2019
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The 2019 Girl Scout Cookie sale is underway!  The Trios (gluten-free) cookie has been retired, the new Gluten Free (and Peanut Free!) replacement cookie is the Caramel Chocolate Chip.  In last year’s (2018) Girl Scout cookie sale, Troop 1806 girls sold a total of 16,957 boxes of cookies, 587 of which were Operation Cookie Drop donations.

For Cookie Buyers and Operation Cookie Drop Donors

Direct Sale of Boxes:  Cookie sales in our Council are all direct sale, no pre-ordering.  Girls make these direct sales by going through neighborhoods with actual cookies in hand, others are setting up cookie sales booths, some are doing both.  Booth locations at non-residential locations have to be approved by our Council (to avoid conflicts with other Girl Scout troops), so as soon as we have those approvals, we post booth sale locations, for all our patrols, on our Cookie Booth page.  Right now, that page is blank, only because we haven’t gotten booth approvals yet.

OnLine Sales:  Troop 1806 girls have two main options for online sales.  Each of these online sales methods requires the girl to initiate the online sales contact with a buyer-there isn’t a website to just buy cookies online. 

    The first online sales method is like a virtual order card.  The girl initiates an e-mail invitation to a buyer through the bakery’s SmartCookies system, the buyer selects the cookies they want (including Operation Cookie Drop, if desired), and the girl then arranges to deliver the cookies to the buyer herself and collect the sales price.  In this first system, there is no way to pay for the cookies by credit/debit card in advance, and no way for the girl to ship cookies out, except by herself.  Credit/debit cards will be available for payment upon delivery, if the girl has signed up for the new SmartCookies sales app.

    The second online sales method is called SmartCookies Direct.  With SmartCookies Direct, the girl still initiates the sales contact to a buyer, but the buyer purchases directly from the bakery (full sales credit goes to the girl), using a credit/debit card, and the bakery will then ship directly to the buyer.

Operation Cookie Drop:  Buyers who want to support Troop 1806’s cookie sale have the option (in addition to, or instead of, buying actual boxes for themselves), to make a charitable donation of cookie boxes to our active military.  This is called Operation Cookie Drop.  Full Operation Cookie Drop details are available at this link.  Girls at booths or going through neighborhoods will give this option to anyone.  The way it works is like this:  Say the buyer/donor wants to give a $25 donation to a Troop 1806 girl for the cookie sale.  This donation is “converted” by the girl to equivalent number of boxes, rounding downward.  So a $25 donation would be 6.25 Operation Cookie Drop boxes (25 divided by 4), rounded down to 6 actual boxes.  This is reported to our Council, which will, later in the year, calculate the total Operation Cookie Drop donations in our Council, and deliver these. Donors cannot designate the actual types of boxes given by the Council to the military.  The only way donors can designate and deliver actual boxes to military personnel is to do it through the direct sale, probably by SmartCookies Direct.

Payment for Cookies:  Payment for Girl Scout cookies, whether in direct sales in neighborhoods or at cookie booths, can always be made with cash, but girls may or may not have exact change with them when making these sales.  Checks are never accepted for payment unless the girl’s family personally knows the writer of the check and trusts that the check will not be returned or stopped.  Payment can also be made by credit/debit checkcard, provided that the girl is accompanied by a smartphone or iPad user who has signed up for the new SmartCookies sales app.  There is no extra charge to the buyer or Troop 1806 for using the credit/debit checkcard, the bank charges are absorbed by our Council.

Taking Orders for More Cookies/Operation Cookie Drop:  Even though the sale is all direct order, Troop 1806 girls do take orders during the sale period for more cookies and to accept additional Operation Cookie Drop donations.

For Our Troop 1806 Cookie Sellers

Resources.  Most resources for the cookie sale are available through the SmartCookies interface (see above).  There is also good information available on our cookie sellers homepage of our council website.  Look to the left navigation bar for links to resources.

Working with Patrol Cookie Managers.  Each Troop 1806 patrol has a patrol cookie manager.  The patrol cookie managers work as a team with Chip Reinhardt as the Troopwide cookie manager.  The patrol cookie managers line up booths, do training, answer questions, collect money, keep accounts, staff booths, order and distribute cookies, figure recognitions, and many other functions.  Girls and families in a patrol must work closely with their patrol cookie managers to assure a successful sale.

G-1 Permission Form.  Troop 1806 girls participating in the cookie sale must submit a G-1 permission form from a parent or guardian.  The G-1 form makes an adult financially responsible for any cookie boxes that are signed out by a patrol cookie manager to a girl in the patrol.  Girls who do not submit G-1 forms will not be allowed to participate in the sale.  The G-1 permission form is completed online, at this link

SmartCookies Interface (abcsmartcookies.com).  To do SmartCookise online sales, and to earn special patches like Goal Getters, Online Marketing and Smart Cookies, each girl has to set up a personal account in SmartCookies.  The Council will email each girl information on how to set up their personal account.  In addition, your patrol cookie manager will have more details and training for girls and families in their patrol. 

Earning Patrol Cookie Money:  For each box of cookies sold (whether actual or online) and for each Operation Cookie Drop box, all at $4 per box, the Troop 1806 patrol to which the girl belongs will earn a per-box commission which is tied to the overall per-girl average of cookies sold in the entire troop.

Earning Recognitions:  In addition to patrol cookie money for the patrol, individual Troop 1806 girls will receive special patches, prizes and recognitions based on the number of boxes (both cookie boxes and donation/Operation Cookie Drop boxes) they sold.  All of these patches, prizes and recognitions are described in the Cookiegram.

Earning Awards:  By participating in the sale, and learning the skills associated with this girl-run business, every Troop 1806 girl should be able to earn the Cookie Activity Pin for 2019 as well as program level awards (Daisy leaves, Brownie and Junior badges).  Check out the Cookie Sale Pins and Badges page

The Cookie Diva Pin is back again this year for any girl who sells more than 325 boxes (see the Cookiegram).

Some other awards and patches have special requirements:  Cookie Rally patch (attend the January 6 Troop 1806 troopwide/cookie rally meeting), Cookie Booth patch (work at least one cookie booth with your patrol), My First Cookie Sale patch (for girls new to the sale), Walkabout patch(must sell 15 boxes of cookies during the walkabout week of January 12-18); Goal Getters patch (setting your personal sales goals in SmartCookies before January 31), Online Marketing patch (15 marketing e-mails through SmartCookies) Smart Cookie Patch (1 SmartCookies Direct sale), and Operation Cookie Drop patch (must sell 15 donation/OCD boxes).

Chip Reinhardt
Troopwide Cookie Manager, Troop 1806
(see Contacts page to get in to

Booth sales started with the beginning of the cookie sale on January 12, 2019.  All booths have to be approved by our council, and when they are approved, they are posted here.

Booth Date and Time

Booth Location

Staffing Patrol

Sunday March 3
9 AM to 11 AM

Walmart at New Hope Commons
5450 New Hope Commons Drive, Durham, NC 27707

Awesome Blossoms Juniors 1806A

Sunday, March 3
10 AM to 2 PM

Another Broken Egg
2608 Erwin Road, STE 120, Durham, NC 27705

Justice Unicorns Brownies 1806B

Sunday, March 3
11 AM to 1 PM

Rudino's Bull City
1515 North Pointe Drive, STE 108, Durham NC 27705

Red Pandas Brownies 1806G

Sunday, March 3
3 PM to 6 PM

Lowes Home Improvement
1801 Fordham Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Awesome Blossoms Juniors 1806A

Sunday, March 3
5 PM to 7 PM

Walmart at New Hope Commons
5450 New Hope Commons Drive, Durham, NC 27707

Awesome Blossoms Juniors 1806A